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Apr 29, 2013 Posted in Miscellaneous by drfantasy

Star Wars Artist Tom Hodges Appearing On FCBD!!!

Dr. Fantasy’s is very pleased to announce that Star Wars/Simpsons/Rush 2112/Midknight artist Tom Hodges will be in-store this Saturday, May 4 for Free Comic Book Day!!! And, if that wasn’t enough, Tom has created 2 EXCLUSIVE prints available ONLY at Dr. Fantasy’s celebrating the release of Marvel’s Iron Man 3! These prints are extremely limited and will available starting at 9 a.m. Saturday. When they’re gone – they’re gone forever, so DON’T miss out!

Also joining us will be members of the Dune Sea Garrion of the 501st Legion (from 9 a.m. until noon) and members of the Arizona Avengers (from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.)! Bring your cameras for great photo opportunities! There will also be drawings, contests, raffles and, of course, FREE comics!!!! DON”T MISS OUT and watch this space for even more great guest announcements!

Apr 24, 2013 Posted in Miscellaneous by drfantasy

May the Fourth Be With You!

May 4th is always national Star Wars Day, and it just so happens that May 4th  falls on a Saturday this year……… the first Saturday in May…….which can only mean one thing, right?!?!  National Star Wars Day and Free Comic Book Day are on the SAME day this year!!!  For those of you who are not familiar with Free Comic Book Day, it is day where people of all ages, shapes, and sizes come together to collect amazing-super-fantastic-o comic books that are 100% free! Exciting, isn’t it?  In addition to said amazing-super-fantastic-o free comic books, we will also have the Arizona Avengers and the Dunes Sea Garrison of the 501st Legion here from 9AM until 2PM. Also, we have a super special secret artist guest list, and we will list an artist every couple days up until free comic book day for your enjoyment and our fiendish entertainment.  So…..the first artist we are proud to announce will be Ernie Najora – a local Arizona superstar artist!  Ernie will be joining us from 2pm- 6pm!  We will see you there, and don’t forget to check back early and often for more great (and huge) guest announcements!  DEN

Apr 3, 2013 Posted in Miscellaneous by drfantasy

Thanos Rising #1 of 5 (Spoiler Alert!)

Thanos the Destroyer - not a name that one would think of as someone who has feelings.  However, even though we know Thanos to be evil, could it be that he is simply misunderstood?  Jason Aaron has written this issue brilliantly, all the while tugging on your heart strings and actually making you feel sorry for the bad guy!  The story begins in what is supposed to be present time, and we witness Thanos returning to his home planet Titan.  In one of the panels before the flash back, we are shown Thanos’s mother’s grave, and the look of great sorrow runs across his face as he screams in agony remembering his childhood.  This is where Jason Aaron begins the flashback the birth of Thanos and how his mother immediately rejected thhim stating, “We have to kill it! We have to kill it before it grows! Let go of me A’Lars! You have to let me kill it! Look at it’s eyes! Don’t you see the death in its eyes! If we don’t kill it now, we are all going to die!”  Very powerful words from a mother who has just birthed her child!  We’d like to think that a mothers love is unconditional, where as, at least for poor Thanos his is not the case.  Thus begins Thanos’ extremely painful childhood.  However,  Aaron doesn’t stop there;  having a mom who loathes your very existence wasn’t enough.  When then flash forward to Thanos as an elementary school student, where, despite his peculiar look, some of his fellow classmates befriend Thanos. It all seems to be going well for Thanos until he is forced to disect a Green Tail during class.  At that point, he becomes sick and runs out of class.  One of Thanos’s peers follows him out and tells him of a place she likes to go to think.  Intrigued, Thanos decides he and his friends shoould check it out for themselves. The place is a cave thWhich appears to be safe, but there’s a sudden rumble and Thanos and his friends are seperated by a cave in. Thanos, desperate to get back to his friends, digs for three days to get through the other side- only  to find his friends have been eaten by Green Tails.  We then are shown the young girl who told him to check out this cave telling him (in a clear case of fore-shadowing), “I know that if you really loved them, you’d let nothing hold you back.”  The story is a tragic yet marvelous story (no pun intended) and the art is nothing short of beautiful. I will be counting down the days until issue #2! Rating: 9/10  -DEN

Mar 29, 2013 Posted in Miscellaneous by drfantasy

Jonathan Hickman’s East of West #1 (Spoiler Alert!!!)

East of West takes place in the year 2064, during apocalyptic times- however a portion of the story is told as a flash back to the year 1862. We flash back to this time to journey through a story of the Third Great Awakening of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which the bible tells us consists of the Red Horse, the Black Horse, the Pale Horse, and the White horse.  It is said that when the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse visit the earth, that will be the day God will judge the earth and give the earth a chance to repent before they die. There are so many interpretations of the Horsemen (and what each represents) that you must form your own opinions.  However, to me it seems that Hickman may look at the White Horseman as the Antichrist wreaking havoc to any who stand in his path.  Writing “I have been called the Abaddon, the reaper, fool’s bane, and the grey walker. Now…say my real name you son of a b**ch. Call it out!”  The president, who is at the mercy of the White Horseman, calls out “death”.  The art in East of West is nothing short of phenomenal and the story is told extremely well.  However, it is a comic you really have to pay close attention to and I found that if you do a little research behind the story of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, it can make a big difference on how well you understand the comic.  It is up to the individual reader to form their own opinion about each Horseman. When all is said and done, I have to say I am very much looking forward to the next issue!  Rating: 8/10  -DEN

Aug 27, 2012 Posted in Comics >Store News by alschneider

Database Updates For August and September

With all that’s been going on lately, I forgot to update the database earlier this month. So, to make it up I updated the database for August AND September! New relases can be found here:



Be sure to add them to your pick-list!

Apr 25, 2012 Posted in Store News by alschneider

Dr. Fantasy’s New Web Site Is Ready

UPDATE 06/12/2012: The site is now live! Please report any issues with the site by sending me a PM. Thanks to everyone for their input and I hope the site provides and easy, intuitive interface for Dr. Fantasy to provide you with all your comic and collectible needs.

It’s been a while, but the new Dr. Fantasy’s Comics and Collectibles website is up and ready! There are still a few kinks to work out, but we are working hard to make sure this site gives you a one-stop-shop for all your comic needs. Here are some things that the site enables you to do:

  • Create and edit your pull lists. Direct from this site you can add all the titles that are in your subscription list and update it at any time! To do this, simply log in and select the “My Comics” menu option. Click on the “My Pull List” link and you will be taken to the whiz-bang interface. There is also a spot to provide your address and phone in the event you’ve set up physical mailings with the shop.


  • Interact with other comic fans, artists, writers, etc. in the Dr. Fantasy Forum! This page is hosted by Indie Comic Lounge. Right now, you will have to register separately with that site, but you can use the same username and password you use for Dr. Fantasy’s site, making it easy to remember. Indie Comic Lounge has a “Log me on automatically each visit” box so that once you register for the forum, you can click this box and never have to worry about double logging in again!

Any bugs, problems, or questions about the interface and interaction should be directed to Alan Schneider. Questions about the store, products, and availability should be handled by the store staff.

We hope you enjoy this new site and the services it offers, and we look forward to seeing you in our forum.

Mar 6, 2012 Posted in Reviews by alschneider

Cold War: The Damocles Contract

Title: Cold War – The Damocles Contract
Publisher: IDW
Artist and writer: John Byrne

The Damoclese Contract is the first of the Michael Swann series “Cold War” adventures. It was released as a 4 volume comic by IDW in late 2011 and will be released as a trade paperback on Amazon in March.

The story follows former MI6 agent Michael Swann as he is hired to look after a nuclear scientist the British government suspects of planning to defect. After a mishap at the testing facility and a botched assassination attempt, Swann decides to take the ‘upper hand’ and proactively inserts himself into the ordeal. He finds himself going along with the defection in order to gain access to the root organization and people responsible.

The art and coloring of the books is well done. One of the things that is hard for comic writers and artists to achieve is the ability to tell the story with pictures alone, no dialog or descriptive narrative. This comic pulls it off brilliantly. The first 5 pages of the comic have no dialog, only the well thought out placement of images that convey the action without any question or chance of misinterpretation by the reader.

This is definitely a 5-star recommendation. It does help that I am a fan of Cold War fiction, but this is a great read throughout all 4 volumes. Now, Amazon will be selling the 4 issue series in one book, available March 6th, 2012.